The first public upgrade in life, Ducati scrambler 1100

People’s tastes will change at middle age. When they were young, they thought about buying a sports car in the future. The retro style of the motorcycle is so good. What do you think now that you can’t ride V4? This is also very handsome.

At this point, the medium-sized version of the traveller was helpless. It had to wait too long. This high-end model is an existing car. Think of the Olins shock absorber, which is good.

Just mentioning the car is not deep, simply talk about

The sitting position is neutral, you can lean over when you are accelerating, or you can occasionally stand up and ride on a bad road. You can ride for one or two hours in a normal sitting position without feeling tired. , Except that the handlebars are slightly wider and not used to others

The engine comes from a big monster. After adjustment, the horsepower is reduced to more than 80 horsepower, which is a drop for the 1100cc displacement. However, the advantage is that the torque is adjusted forward. At any speed, as long as the throttle is deepened, there is no need to wait for the engine to climb The speed, dragging people “Wenima” directly and rushing out, this is very cool, you can tilt your head casually in the first and second gears, and you don’t need to bounce the clutch.

Upgraded air cooler, coupled with the exhaust layout of L2 parallel bars, the legendary grilled legs are inevitable, but if the temperature is below 30 degrees and wearing cycling pants, I think it is acceptable

There are still some irrational designs in some small places (charger position, circuit layout, maximum steering angle, etc.), which are consistent with the Italian car’s usual style, do not pay attention to those details

Generally speaking, this is a modern street car in a retro jacket. It can do everything but is not the best at it. The technical threshold is not high and it can be controlled with a certain foundation. The most important thing is that it is fun

Finally, I will spit this color


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