A mechanical keyboard for MAC

The keyboard of the new Macbook is really uncomfortable. I want to find a mechanical keyboard with key settings similar to those of the Macbook. Taobao, JD. The indioegogo crowdfunding is pretty good, and I started immediately. As a result, it took one and a half months from the payment to the hand. It has been used for almost two weeks. It feels pretty good and basically meets my personal needs.

This keyboard is a keyboard with a short green axis. The keycap is ABS + light-transmitting design. It is said to have black and white colors. In fact, only black is available. The keyboard supports wired and Bluetooth connections. The type used on the keyboard is -c connector, but very sb is in wired mode, this keyboard can only use the type-c to type-a cable, you cannot use the type-c to type-c cable, so if your If you don’t have a type-a docking station, you can’t use wired mode.

In Bluetooth mode, this keyboard will be displayed as a magic keyboard. However, the power cannot be displayed. The power displayed by the computer is always 100%. You can only observe the power status by the power button in the upper right corner of the keyboard. Indicates to be charged.

This keyboard also supports switching between MAC / IOS and Windows / Android modes. In mac mode, F1-F2 defaults to mac function keys. You need to press FN to use F key; in windows mode, it is standard F1. -F12.

In addition, this keyboard supports the switching of 19 RGB colors, which can be switched by the power / light key. The keyboard also supports the connection of 3 devices, and the different devices can be switched by FN + 1, 2, and 3 keys.

Finally, a desktop photo


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