Probably not the best mouse in the world, but it must be the most complicated-swiftpoint z Unboxing

The purchase of this mouse is completely impulsive, but there are still many surprises. The G502 has always been used well. Recently, using the keyboard and mouse to hit MHW, I always feel that the G502 shortcut keys are less. So I went to Taobao to see what was good. The mouse I use is not a competitive player. I did n’t feel it after watching a bunch of competitive mice. It ’s too concise. I like the feeling of ALL IN ONE. I accidentally saw that swiftpoint actually came out of the desktop mouse. The product of a mouse three-in-one, with a bunch of flowers, vibrating, pressure sensing, and gyroscopes. Mom’s looks so sculpted, hit the G male point of science and technology, plus the portable mouse he used before swiftpoint GT, I have a good impression on this company. After looking at the discount on, it seems to be lower than the official website price.

Here is an unpacking and evaluation. It is the first time in many years that diving has been unpacked in a quagmire.

The box looks relatively low-key.

A thin instruction manual is basically useless.

The mouse box looks very big?

After opening, all the accessories are inside, including three sets of bases (by default, the rocking base is on the mouse), two sets of trigger keycaps, two sets of fingertip keycaps, which are not too complicated?

The combination is complete, it has a black technology feel (please ignore my old broken mouse pad, such expensive mouse from a chicken shop does n’t even give a pad)

Briefly talk about the buttons and parameters, the original phase PMW3360, the largest DPI12000, although I do not know this, but after checking it should be regarded as top quality goods, performance is guaranteed. An OLED screen on the side, two thumb buttons, and two buttons next to the left button are all common configurations. The most different type of this mouse is the two fingertip buttons behind the left and right keys and the trigger button. The middle fingertip button consists of the button and the keycap. After personal experience, it is convenient to press the finger without the keycap. If you press the cap, you can press it with your fingers, but it feels easy to touch by mistake, and the key cap will hinder the operation of the trigger button on the back. The next two are trigger keys, which support two operations of pressing down and pulling up. The left and right mouse button built-in and fingertip keys support pressure sensing. The normal click pressure is generally 0. Pressing hard after clicking will change linearly from 0-100. In the drive, other actions can be triggered after reaching a certain pressure percentage. The weight is slightly lighter than the G502 without counterweight. The ergonomic design is in place and the feel is quite good. The trigger key and fingertip key are just in the floating position of the finger, and they will not be touched by mistake.

Light up, daily logo light, you can choose fixed color or change color, but see others on the Internet said that the light has been too hot for a long time, I don’t care about the light so I usually turn it off.

The OLED screen on the left displays the logo, DPI, current profile, pressure level, tilt angle, etc. The mouse is set to the OLED side by default when the OLED side is lifted 25 degrees to enter the configuration change mode and vibrate at the same time. The side button can change the configuration scheme. Roll the wheel to adjust the DPI by plus or minus 100 (you can also set the DPI gear in the drive and then change to gear adjustment).

Installed the driver. The official website updated the Chinese driver in May. It is very convenient. It will prompt you to update the firmware after installation. It takes about 2 minutes, and then the Z axis is corrected, which is the horizontal plane, mainly for the joystick mode.

Mouse settings, there are not too many fancy things, you can set whether to output the joystick mode, choose whether it can be recognized as a game controller in the system, these can be set individually for each profile, you can also add mouse actions below, in Executed when switching to this profile. However, a bit inconvenient is that you cannot bind a specific program to a single configuration file like Logitech, and you can only cut it manually. It should be more painful after more customization. .

Key mapping in the default desktop mode. This key definition mode is really the most complicated I have ever seen. By default, pressing the left trigger key is alt + tab and then moving the mouse left or right to quickly switch in the window list. The right trigger key is In-program window switching, such as browser tabs; fingertip keys are copy and paste.

Let ’s talk about the joystick mode, which is also the biggest feature of this mouse. The mouse comes with three sets of bases, one with a flat bottom just like an ordinary mouse. One can swing left and right, and you can adjust the swing amplitude. In this state, you can output the joystick The swing signal can also simply set the left and right shaking to two keys, and also supports mouse cursor operation. And the last set is the complete rocker base, in fact, a protruding piece at the bottom makes a fulcrum, as shown below

This is to use a gyroscope and a fulcrum to simulate the function of the joystick, so horizontal level correction is needed. In global mode, a shortcut key for horizontal level correction is also set by default to facilitate quick adjustment.

The built-in joystick mode configuration, I slightly modified and reduced the number of keys, after all, there is a keyboard, too many keys on the mouse is easy to confuse. The joystick supports pitch, roll and offset operations. The offset angle can be reset with one click, because unlike the real joystick, it can be automatically centered. Actually, it tested an elite danger. Setting the control mode to the joystick in the settings can be perfect Recognition, I set 8 keys in joystick mode, of which the fingertip key is set to press one key hard, press and release again is another key, one key is dual-use, it is indeed a novel experience. However, the mouse cannot be used in the pure joystick mode. The official statement is that the fulcrum is made too high for the feel of the joystick. Even if a hole is buckled at the bottom, the sensor cannot reach the available distance. . . Fortunately, the menus of games like Elite Danger itself only support operation with the arrow keys, so it does n’t have much effect. It ’s really impossible to plug in a mouse.

I have to use it, it feels quite worthwhile. The pressure-sensitive operation and analog joystick are not as imaginary as the vase. The driver just started to look at the flowers. A little research found that it is actually very convenient to set up, as long as your brain is enough

Finally, a family portrait. The leftmost is the same brother swiftpoint GT. Traveling with win tablet is still very useful.


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