Modification of Mercedes-Benz G

Recently, Japan has been experiencing continuous rains caused by typhoons. New car operations can only be postponed to find time. Today, I will make up a small change of the G500, saying that the small change is because it only changed the appearance. Used DMC original kit.
The renderings that the other party sent me when I signed the contract:

The total price of this equipment is more than 100,000. The most expensive are a few carbon fiber parts and wheels. The carbon fiber parts are the hood, spare tire cover, and roof tail. The rest are the peripheral parts of amg, which are worthless.
It took half a year to sign the contract to the arrival of the components. It is an intermittent component again, so the car is a component that is divided into two installations.
The first was the hood, rear wing and AMG-style perimeter.

Personally, I think the appearance of this hood is very handsome, especially with a white body.
When driving, compared to the original hood, you will see the obvious air distortion caused by the heat at the hood, which shows that the heat dissipation performance is very good.
The overall appearance of the front, because the wheels were not yet available at the time, the overall feeling was slightly poor.

The roof wing, in fact, the roof wing is most likely to be damaged, because the original factory does not have this wing. The height of the G series car was more horrible, and the height of the parking lot, eh … So I was scratched But, heartache.

The overall effect of the side, the reason for the wheel’s reason is not enough

Hood details

The following is a picture taken after the components have been installed and installed. After not taking a car at the time, it is now not in the country, so it can not be retaken (such as the previous effect picture, the spare tire cover is more than 2800 USD).

Here I talk more about the problem of the wheel. This set of wheels is large and the overall effect is very good, but the safety of the car is greatly discounted because of the size of the wheel. After replacing the DmC wheels, the body will become very unstable during driving, especially when cornering. So after two days of installation at the time, I asked people to replace this set of wheels. Safety comes first.


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