New Year’s Day Recreation-Installed a split water-cooled bare metal machine

Split water and zero foundation. I did a week of homework before, and then ordered some parts one after another, and finally started to work on New Year’s Day.
CPU cold head

Graphics cold head (Actually, the GTX750 can be used without a fan, but I still give it a full coverage cold head, free

The $3 No.80 aluminum row, the fan is an idle 8 cm cat fan, five times more expensive than the cold row. There is also a 120 aluminum bar, all of which are bargains

The $3 water tank, 40 yuan water pump, water injection test pump, no leakage at each joint

The last time it was lit, the water-cooled virgin debut makeup photo is as follows

Summary: Split water is actually much simpler than expected. The zero-based one just needs to do his homework, determine the position and installation of the water tank according to his own case, and then conceive the waterway. It’s actually a fool to get to that step.
In addition, the hose is too ugly, wait for the New Year to change the hard tube, and have to play Oye again!


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