Gundam Metal Structure disintegration craftsman experience

Let me talk about the advantages first: when I first got it, the packaging was huge and very heavy, about 7KG. After I opened the shipping box, there was a color printing box. The cover was very simple and atmospheric. The body was very thick and the printing was very rich. Previously rumored stickers, each part is full of details but it doesn’t feel as subdivided like the gk. The body light only has the head and chest, and the driver’s cabin is a breathing light. Fine wine and delicious food, you will have a little bit of meaning when standing on the corpse. After matching the platform with various interactive scenes and various small characters, the momentum suddenly comes up ~~ you can’t help but say, “The disintegration of the craftsman machine ~ 牛 gundam ~ “It’s really cool, because the details are too rich, and looking at an angle is very handsome. There is a spirit of craftsmanship everywhere. Weapons can be placed on the floor and matched with more than ten small people, it is really spectacular.

It is very troublesome to open the arm every time the light is turned on and off, if there is an independent remote control, it will be convenient and tall. Since the dismantling of the craftsman machine has no main action during the promotion, this is a big regret. It may be due to the use of more than 2,000 zero combinations. It can also be divided into two sections of split armor. Well, for example, the wrist joint, the foot joint, the movable hand is not a three-stage joint, and some places are shaped, such as the power tube behind the knee, the power tube inside the skirt, these feel that they can be perfect.

The final conclusion: I think this is a movable statue, plus the floating gun accessory package released six months later, the original price is simply too worthy to buy. If it is a free fish price of 10,000 yuan, you can wait until the New Year. For a New Year gift for yourself, it is worth a thousand or two thousand more than the original price. You also need to independently set up a display cabinet for friends and family to enjoy together!


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