Two years behind the unboxing, let’s take a look at the American Tomahawk, ATARI VCS

This machine really left me speechless. I placed an order in 20 years, but there was no news after it was shipped in 21 years.

I wrote an email to check, and saw the American version of formalism. First, he swears to me that he sent it, and then throws an address. I see that this person is not me at all, maybe the transfer address is a bit similar.

I thought it would be over just to send me another one, but no, it started to help me find the missing package. Unexpectedly, this search took more than a year. In order not to let me forget this, Atari sent me an email with the same content every week, telling me that my “case” was under investigation. And remind me again and again, wait, don’t reply to the email to add to them.

For a long time I thought they buried my machine in New Mexico again.

After the Chinese New Year this year, I happened to have a few online shoppers who needed to send emails to communicate, so I wrote them another email, being as rude as possible, and then my package was miraculously found. It is said that it was returned by transshipment , has been lying in the warehouse for two years. Believe it or not, I can’t go over and smoke them anyway. Then I checked the official website by the way, the machine has changed from the first $399 I bought to $299 and then discounted to $249, I asked the express, if I just pay tax at 299 in this case, the express first Ask me if I have any evidence, I said I have screenshots, but they also said that there is no evidence, shit, then you ask a fart. Think of it as helping me to repay the debt to Atari.

As a result, the machine I got didn’t look like it had been left for two years, haha. The packaging of the machine is good, the host is separate, the two handles are divided into three small boxes, and there is also a sponge inside, which feels cheaper than Microsoft.

The appearance of the machine is quite nice. The front should be made of real wood, and it feels good to the touch. It is equipped with two wireless handles, one with an xbox shape and one with a classic shape. The classic shape of the handle may be the biggest highlight of the machine. Not only is it wireless, it can also turn on a circle of lights, which is cool.

I really haven’t played the real 2600. I have a collection, but it’s brand new, so I haven’t used it. I think this controller matches the game very well. It is surprisingly easy to adapt to shooting with the left hand in the direction of the right hand, and the handle buttons are also very complete.

Another bonus is that both handles are equipped with a large bundle of micro usb cables two or three meters long. Everyone has a lot of these cables, but the workmanship is not necessarily good enough, which often leads to minor problems. I see this one is still very original. nice

Atari’s ambition is probably this cloud service. It can only play indie games and run on the cloud. This idea is really cerebral, and the price is 99 dollars.

I pressed the pairing button of the handle and found that the handle has power. It’s a really good battery. It still has power after two years of storage. After turning it on, it started to update unexpectedly. But what I didn’t expect was to update the bios three or four times, and the last time I started to flash the bios.

After struggling for about half a day, I finally got in.

I was startled when I turned it on. I always thought it was an Android box, but it turned out that the fan sound was comparable to ps4, and the machine was still hot. I won’t let you down.

The gaming section is a paragon of minimalism. Originally there were only two icons, one Atari classic and one cloud game, but later updated and added browser and mobile streaming, of course, hurry to the store to have a look!

These should all be downloaded games, not cloud.

There are three types of games, classic old Atari games, which sell for three yuan, and replicas of old Atari games, which I seem to have seen in xbla back then, for ten yuan.

There are also a few independent games, such as the detective story in the picture above, and some games such as xbox streaming are not considered games.

How many of these games are there? I flipped through the pages to the end and counted them with my fingers. There were 85 in total. Considering that the machine has been discontinued, this is probably the total number.

The only thing I want to play is a collection of old games. I clicked on the classic game introduction on the homepage. There are a total of 100 games. There are about a dozen arcade games, and the rest are 2600.

This is how it looks after entering

I have to admit that the effect of the game is still very good, the scanning line is also comfortable, and the handle adjustment is also suitable.

It’s just that these 100 games are really few, and there are not many in the store. I really want to buy the newly released 50th Anniversary Review, but there is no sign of discounts in this store, so it’s a bit difficult to buy.

So be it. Atari once again failed to draw cakes, but fortunately this time it did not affect the industry.