Happy nostalgic gamers! Brief Comment on Analogue Pocket

The purchase of this machine is really a toss, the earliest announcement of this machine was really amazing, but it is a pity that Analogue is too ambitious and the announcement is too early. This small company can say that there is no competition for home machine nostalgia hardware, but nostalgic handhelds have always been a A highly competitive field. In the past few years, even steamdeck has been released, it is hard to say that pocket is not affected, and its attractiveness is greatly reduced.

From the beginning, it was impossible to buy it at all, but it took several months to open up for reservation later. It can be said that the anticipation and excitement have worn away a little bit.

And the delivery was even more chaotic. I received an email about to be shipped two months ago, and after waiting for a month, I received an email about to be shipped, but I didn’t see the notification of the shipment. Moreover, many purchasing agents in China have received it and sold it at double the price, which makes me feel a little uncomfortable.

Then a few days ago, an ems came and talked about customs. The package information that can be found in the applet is only one word “package”. I was still thinking that I didn’t buy any package. Now it is estimated that it is mostly a literal translation of the pocket, but it turned out that it was not taxed, and it was received in such a daze.

The feeling of just unpacking the box is average. I don’t know whether it is due to friction or debris in the long-distance transportation box. Anyway, the surface of the machine is a bit dusty and the weight is heavy enough. The surface is matte texture. There is no logo on the button. I don’t know if it is too much pursuit of minimalist design, so that I need to use the A button for quick save, and I don’t know which one to press.

The surface of the machine has a matte texture, which is not bad. The frame of the screen is large but it does not violate the harmony. The back is also thoughtfully pasted with a disposable film with the screen. It can be protected a little before the protective case arrives, which is considerate.

There are only six buttons plus LR, and there is no joystick, so forget about psp and psv. Any home machine with more buttons is useless. This is a nostalgic simulator of the pre-gba handheld era, and its positioning is very harsh, so those who expect to compare it with the Zhai machine don’t need to consider it directly. It is fundamentally impossible for you to play ps, dc, ss.

In terms of the interface, the charging requirements of a usbc are quite high, and 2a is actually not fast for charging. The other expansion port is connected to the paired wire. Then the usbc is connected to the base to connect to the hdmi output. There are two rows of cooling holes on both sides of the upper end of the machine, which looks very low.

The boot effect is not bad, the screen is warmer, and the resolution is 1600*1440, which is ten times that of GB, so you know that the core simulation of this machine is actually GB and GBC.

The gba is actually already two black boxes at the top and bottom. But the gbc effect is really good, the screen is big, and there is a dot matrix effect, completely dot to dot, the edges of the screen are neat and tidy, and the full fit effect. very comfortable. I just modified a point-to-point gbc a few days ago, and it was really a waste of money.

Feel good, although LR is soft, but the design is very good, LR key is behind the bottom edge of the screen. It is very easy to reach by pressing. It is much easier to press than the buttons on the back of the gb-shaped retro machine before, taking into account the feel of the shoulder buttons and the position of the hand, it can be said to be perfect.

The difference between the dot matrix display effect and the default effect, the dot matrix effect is very comfortable!

It feels good to use, and the sound effect is very good, which is beyond the reach of the original machine.

The game originally supports gb, gbc, and gba. These three slots can be plugged in to play, and the flash card is also supported very well. The only complaint is that the depth of the card slot is a bit shallow, and the gold finger interface is almost flush with the card slot. As a result, the card is a bit uneasy, although it did not fall off.

The remaining four machines are also officially supported, gg, ngpc, Atari, Lynx and pce, but you need to buy an adapter card, which is simply sick.

Then the openfpga officially supported in the 1.1 firmware is equivalent to opening up the support host.

The community has listed a large list of hosts supported, but as I said, they are all old antiques. Some famous ones are neogeo, wsc, md, sfc, and fc, which are incomparable with counterfeit devices. Openfpga can use the sd card, no need to insert the cassette.

As we all know, only some special games like gba gb need a card with a clock or something. So these special games can be played with high-end flashcards. The machine itself does not need a real cassette to simulate those other models. So the riser card is saved.

Of course, hardware emulation also has many limitations. For example, sfc will still be garbled when playing Chinese. The hateful rom file name does not support Chinese.

The appearance of the official protective case is very beautiful, tall and fresh.

But it’s useless, the upper and lower buckles put the machine inside. I also made a fix and got stuck but couldn’t fix the machine at all. In other words, you can’t play with half of the shell loose and it will fall out. The design of the card column is purely to avoid reverse installation? But is there any problem with reverse? It is also very inconvenient to open the buckle, and its practicality is not as good as that of the domestic five-dollar handheld case that can be opened. It’s not bad if the machine doesn’t fall out when you open it. Not to mention drop-proof.

The base is OK, not only supports Bluetooth but also can update the firmware.

The only dissatisfaction is that the handheld buttons cannot be used after booting. It also does not seem to support wired handles, but supports Bluetooth handles.

I tested 8bitdo, and the second connection is very comfortable.

The large screen output effect is good, and the filter is also preserved.

Does not feel too much delay

All in all, this is a very extreme audiophile product. It is completely different from Zhaiji’s positioning. If you are not an enthusiast, you don’t need to consider it.