The plot has increased dramatically, and fighting is harder than imagined? “FF7 Remake” three-hour real machine trial experience

A while ago, “Final Fantasy 7 Remake” was postponed until April 10th. Although I know the importance of optimization to the game, but fans still feel a bit lost, but this time SE suddenly released a test on PSN Play version, can only say that it is really fragrant to cry, let’s talk about the experience of this trial with some details.

This demo is basically close to the full version. Except for some system options that ca n’t be seen in the menu, most of them can be set, but because of time constraints, I did n’t explore too much on the menu page. The plot is mainly run. After three hours of the entire experience, except for a few cutscenes where there is a frame missing, it is very smooth.

At the beginning of the game, like most games, you can freely choose the difficulty. This experience is conducted on normal difficulty. If you do n’t see the Hard option, you may have to pass the level first or the official version will appear. But compared with the previous demo at the game show, the difficulty of Normal is a bit harder than I expected. This involves the part of the combat system, let me elaborate later. And if the player feels that it is too difficult to check the level, he can also adjust the difficulty in the system, so the players who have hard hands should not have to worry too much.

In addition, this time there is also a Classic difficulty, which means that the computer will automatically help you move, you only need to press the circle button to focus on the instructions, this difficulty is the same as Easy.


Let ’s talk about the plot first. This time, according to the previous official disclosure, it will be from the beginning of the explosion of the No. 1 magic furnace to the escape of Midgar. Some people may think this is short, but because of the remake For this reason, the development team can better reproduce the entire Midgar city. Among them, it took me about an hour to try out the second chapter of the somatosensory (and the level was cleared without details), and I went back and turned it over. In the original gameplay, this part of the plot only took about 7 ~ 8 minutes in the original. It can be said that there are a lot of expansions. Plus the plot has been adapted. Yes, players will see plots that are not in the original! But here is for everyone to experience after listing.

Another little interesting point I found is that there will be options in this part of the dialogue. Although I don’t know if it will actually affect anything, depending on your choice, it may be XD by other characters.

The game has been adapted in the performance of some plots!


Then talk about the combat system (you can listen to this music, I can only say the remake version of the soundtrack … hhhmmmm) if I want to use two words to describe this debunk battle, it ’s very busy.

This time the battle system is in the form of action + reserve ATB. That is, after playing a set of squares (common attacks), you must give instructions (skills, magic, props, etc.) in a circle. At the beginning, you do n’t have many skills or magic. When you can choose, you may allow the following instructions to be issued quickly, but when the skills and magic add up to two, thirty, or more, sometimes you will really not know which skill / magic to choose for output for a while. However, it is also because the trial does not study the CP value of each skill in detail. Maybe later, after knowing which skill is strong, the choice will be faster.

Another very busy reason is that in fact, the accumulation of ATB values ​​is faster than expected, so after playing a set of basic attacks, you must quickly instruct the consumption of the accumulation bar to output more effectively. Substitutions are possible at any time, but the faster way is to directly instruct the AI-controlled character through L2 / R2. Overall, you need to press the circle all the time-> the skill selection time may be more than the player imagines.

The time will slow down when you give the order, but it is not completely suspended, so you have to make a choice as soon as possible.

Then again, because the combat system is not like the original, everyone cuts a knife, kicks a punch, shoots a shot, and jumps out of a large number. This time the screen will have “a lot of small numbers” jumping, including your basic attack, you The combined skills of the enemy and the attack of the enemy will make the screen have a lot of numbers at the same time, and for this reason, I feel that it will make people less aware of their health (plus the need to keep ordering) During the trial play, there were many situations such as “How can I get red blood” and “Wow how is Tifa down?”

However, the above mentioned are considered to be short-term trials. In fact, there are quick combinations in the game. I did not make good use of them during the trial. Maybe after the official version is started, maybe these are minor problems.

Players can set their own shortcut keys in the menu.

And another question about combat, that is, the enemy encounter system. In the several chapters of this trial experience, all entered the battle with the plot, so I ’m not sure what this generation of enemy encounter system will be (sorry, because For the sake of running the plot, I did not deliberately go back and see if I would encounter the enemy Orz). There should still be a mechanism that can repeatedly meet the enemy. After all, this generation of weapons and magic stones have levels to train, yes, this In addition to the magic stone, the weapon also has its own level! In addition to strengthening the character, the weapon level increase can also expand the additional magic stone holes that can be plugged. If you have the highest level of proficiency, you can also learn the unique skills of the weapon, allowing you to continue after changing weapons. Use the skills you have learned from other weapons.

The summoning beasts in this game will accumulate energy bars based on the battle time. They will be summoned when they are full. They will join the battle autonomously, but you can also use the character’s ATB scale to use the summoning beast’s skills, and each summoning beast leaves When it comes to big tricks, it is not only handsome, but also very strong. It’s currently unclear how many summoned beasts will be included in the first episode, but the Bahamuts and Round Table Samurai that players are expecting will not show up yet …

Summoning beasts is really bad


In addition to the Red XIII that will be added in the later stage, Claude, Alice, Tiffa, and Barrett have all been operated, so let’s talk about individual experience. First of all, because the protagonist is Claude’s relationship, even if you switch to other characters during the battle, they will automatically switch back to Claude after the battle is over. It is a pity that I want to manipulate Tiffa in Walking around the map.

Claude is basically the most general swordsman’s gameplay. After cutting a set and placing a command, Loop, but each character’s triangle has different functions. Like Claude’s triangle, it can be switched to “Brave Mode” In simple terms, the damage becomes higher and the movement speed becomes slower. It is suitable for inflicting a series of damage after the enemy falls, and using defense in brave mode can also automatically counterattack. It is also good to deal with some monsters that will always dodge. .

(If you dodge X Dodge in Valor Mode, you will automatically switch back to the normal “Offensive Mode”)

Claude’s defense in “Brave Mode” can automatically counterattack, but the damage should still be taken.

Because battles become action-like, blame is to block / dodge / run around, like a shield soldier will bounce off your melee attacks and make you stiff, so it ’s best to use magic, Props make him fall to the ground and then attack, while agile players such as hunting dogs move quickly and love to run around, because different skills have different storage seconds, so it is best not to attack this agile enemy Use longer skills.

In this work, Alice is not like hitting a staff with a staff like the original. This general attack will release a series of magic attacks. The skill can also put a magic array on the soles of the feet to make the magic attack change from firing one to two. Damage Multiplying (this refers to her square general attack, non-command magic), so that she is no longer just a supporter’s positioning, but I still subconsciously use her ATB for blood and XD.

Alice can cast magic circles to increase her damage.

Tiffany’s rule is the favorite one in this trial. The gorgeousness of the operation is sufficient. In addition to the general output attack, her skill group focuses on the Buff ability to improve the body’s ability and make the basic damage change. High, the triangle will also become a different move. Playing a game will feel like playing a fighting game, but if you want to maintain a high output, you must find a way to maintain Buff, etc. It may be that the character operation is more difficult. More busy.

Look at this flying skill, how can you not fall in love with Tiffa!

Barrett’s words, personally do not particularly love the uncle, but because the remote angle has the output advantage, plus the in-game BOSS such as “Storm Breaker” will fly to places inaccessible in melee at some stages, so sometimes still have to Rely on him to attack. His triangle function is a powerful output of “violent shooting”. After the output, it will enter the CD. In addition to waiting for time, you can also actively press the triangle to recharge.

When Wang Fei reached a place where it could not be attacked by melee, he could only rely on Barrett.


Although the first episode of this sale cannot be played all the way to the final outcome of FF7, from the experience of this trial, I personally estimate that if it goes straight to the main line, the round may fall between 25 ~ 30 Up and down the hour, if you slowly explore maps, mini-games, upgrades, and collect these elements, you should be able to play for at least 50 hours. In terms of the content that requires two pieces of Blu-ray, this should be within a reasonable range. …

Finally, let ’s take a look at the opening animation and wait for April 10th together!


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