Replaced Subaru Legacy with Ford Focus ST

For more than a year, the Subaru Legacy changed to the 13 Ford Focus ST, which was listed at the beginning of 15 years.

Let me briefly talk about the Subaru Legacy. I am 2.5. The chassis and handling of this car are very sporty, but the power is weak. The CVT gearbox and the seats are not wrapped. Therefore, this car is not suitable for intense driving. Uninteresting; then the comfort is also average, and the noise is too high (slightly better than the Accord Atez). The key horizontal opposing engine sound is too rough and hard to listen to; The supportiveness causes the degree of interaction between the left and right wheels to be greater than that of other independent suspension vehicles. It is very bumpy when encountering bad roads. It is like a board suspension; the space is okay, the visibility is invincible. It’s simple but the ergonomics need to be excellent, and all the keys are easy to use; in general, a tool car is very good, but the cost is low, and the accessories are less annoying. I was chased by the rear light assembly and waited 3 times. This week, I found that after three years of driving, I still like to pursue driving pleasure and control. In the other 3 years, I have n’t seen many friends and relatives in the back row. Obviously, Subaru Legacy is not what I need. Types; from the mid-17 began to look at cars, the goal is four A-class sports car, think not as good as the last pure personality can point directly to the car (although only entry)

The first choice of ST is to value the price. The 6th generation of Golf GTI is too old and basically exploded. In addition, the second generation of ea888 is not very worrying. The price of 7th generation GTI is firm and the difference between the new car is small. In addition, all reviews show that the control feeling Too home-made, I thought I had driven the A4 before. Although the power is very fierce and the control is precise, I do n’t like the steering wheel feedback feel. 86 brz I like it and I know it is very value-saving. The fun of the rear-drive can never catch up with the front-drive. It can’t be used, after all, I can’t be too capricious in a car, and the 86 modification is a pit. The others are probably mini BMW 1 Series 3 Series. The price is too high in recent years and the price is too old. As long as the Fox ST can accept manual gear, I can’t fault it at this price. I saw that it was sold at a price of 2.3t Mustang in the United States, but it was almost twice cheaper than the Mustang in the Chinese secondary market in the same year. It ’s a Ford Focus plugged in Mondeo engine, so you do n’t have to worry about it later. You do n’t need to do any modification. The original factory basically helps you do it. The space is also a 4-door A-class car. Can be considered to meet the needs.

I finally found a good one at the end of the year. The price is a little bit more expensive, but the other party guarantees that the vegan car has not been modified and has not had any accidents. The tires are all original. After the car is lifted, the first time to do maintenance and check carefully, the car is in perfect condition.

It’s been more than a week since now, and some experience

I just started to feel that the clutch is heavy, now the muscles feel right after adaptation, the clutch coupling point is quite wide, and the gears are very clear. The previous Arrizo 3 feels different in each gear. The driving (low speed) ca n’t go into the first gear. The reverse gear is also difficult to hang when reversing, and each gear of ST is very smooth. It is easy to find the clutch coupling point. There is also no noise when the gear is open to 40, so the car is very comfortable to stop and stop. In addition, the idle power is the largest I have ever driven, and I can climb out of the steep slope of the basement by idling.

The control is the best one that has ever been driven. Regardless of the attitude and flexibility of the body when changing lanes, and the support during cornering, it is much stronger than some sports cars that have been driven before. Although their fronts are also very flexible, they can still feel that the car’s butt is slow when they change lanes. The front and back of the ST body are in one overall direction. The front and butt passes almost at the same time.

In fact, the power is not very strong this year, especially manual gear shifts are still delaying time. I estimate that at my current level, I may not be able to compete with the L-range Civic at 01, but the speed feeling during acceleration is very strong. The same speed-speed ratio Those B-class cars are strong, the turbo delay is very small, and the low-grade floor oil head will twist, and it will improve a lot after changing the new tires; a big accelerator car with a kick in the corner will dump, this seems to be the characteristic of this car, increased Have fun

The comfort is actually not reduced in terms of the driver ’s seat. The sound insulation is a little better than the Lishi. The engine speed is not high and it is quiet. I changed the tires of the Pirelli pzero. The road mania is also smaller than the Subaru Lishi, and the rain hits the roof. The sound is not so thin, ps: the sound insulation I have experienced so far other than Nissan Japanese cars is really nothing different; the shock feeling is particularly clear but not uncomfortable, in general, the smooth road is not as comfortable as Subaru Legacy. After all The road feels too clear, but the processing speed of the chassis is not very fast in the face of bad roads; RECARO praises it, and firmly anchors you during fierce driving, which greatly enhances confidence and is usually soft and comfortable enough. Sex, but what I do n’t care about most is this.

Also, the sound quality of sony sound is beyond my expectation. It is troublesome to control the music in the cottage that was changed by the original car owner, and the multifunctional steering wheel is not as good as the lion.

The cost of maintaining the car is 1,800 yuan. The maintenance is done for all other items except the gearbox oil, and the price is okay. If the fuel consumption is correct, it is lower than the Lishi. It should be the credit of the manual gear. I often After the foot throttle is over, the vehicle jumps directly to the 6th gear, and the instant fuel consumption is 5

I plan to use this car until the 8th generation GTI or ST big facelift. Of course, if wrx or levorg can be introduced, it will also be considered. After all, I will take the small gun route. I think the main city uses both small fun and domestic small guns. Good choice, enough space for golf like home


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