Meta Quest 3 Accessories Recommendations

A few days ago, I unboxed the Meta Quest 3 headset, and today I’d like to introduce some related accessories.

Replacement Head Strap

The comfort of the built-in fabric head strap in Q3 has improved compared to Q2, but prolonged use can still be uncomfortable, especially for the ears. Therefore, it’s recommended to replace the head strap. I’ve tried the following head straps:

Official Elite Head Strap (Good but not recommended)

The official head strap is well-crafted, with a balanced weight distribution, significantly improving comfort. It can double the battery life of the headset, extending it to around 3 hours and 30 minutes to 4 hours. It also offers an exclusive feature to check the remaining battery of the headset and head strap within VR. In terms of quality, it’s impeccable. The reason it’s not recommended is simple: it’s too expensive. Spending 1,000 RMB on a head strap is not advisable.

Taobao Third-party Battery Elite Head Strap (Some shortcomings but recommended)

Priced at around 170 RMB. There are several similar designs available on the market.

The comfort level is moderate, with the back part being a bit thick and hard. However, it’s a significant improvement over the stock head strap. The battery provides an additional 1-1.5 hours of battery life. You can charge both the headset and the battery through the bottom charging port of the head strap (while the battery is charging, it also charges the headset). The downside of this head strap is that it doesn’t have a separate power switch for the battery. As long as it’s plugged in, the headset’s battery can discharge quickly, even if it’s fully charged (approximately 3-5% of battery drains in 1 hour). Considering the price, it’s still worth recommending.

Prescription Lens (Recommended)

The Q3’s optical module has been completely replaced, so the prescription lenses for Q2 are no longer compatible with Q3 and need to be purchased separately. The faceplate of Q3 is wider than that of Q2, and glasses with a width of up to 14.5cm can be directly inserted. Moreover, the faceplate has depth adjustment, so there’s no need to worry about the lenses scratching the lens module. However, custom prescription lenses can still enhance the experience and provide a more perfect way to enjoy the clear and sharp full-field high-definition image quality provided by Q3’s optical module.

Regarding prescription lenses, there are many similar options available on Taobao, and since I’ve only purchased one, I won’t make specific recommendations.

Personally, I bought prescription lenses from a Taobao store called “Unconventional Video Games.” Currently, their lenses are still 3D-printed soft frames, and there are no issues with their use. Next month, you can replace them with injection-molded frames for 10 RMB.

Controller Wrist Straps

Taobao Generic Full Coverage Wrist Straps (Recommended)

Priced at around 60 RMB. Controller wrist straps have always been one of my strongly recommended Quest controller accessories.

They can significantly improve the gaming experience and immersion by allowing you to loosen your grip on the controllers. Unlike the risk of overheating with the full coverage straps on the Pro controllers, Q3 controllers do not have this issue, so full coverage wrist straps are also worth recommending. These wrist straps work well and are comfortable on the back of your hand.

AMVR Controller Wrist Straps (Recommended)

Priced at around 92 RMB. AMVR’s wrist strap design is the same as the official Meta strap design, directly replacing the battery cover with a minimalist and elegant design.

Since it doesn’t block the front of the controllers, there are no concerns about affecting tracking. The workmanship of AMVR accessories is consistently high quality. However, these wrist straps lack a soft material, so they are less comfortable than the previous option. They are also more expensive, and there isn’t a significant advantage over the previous choice. If you like this design, you can consider buying them.


The built-in faceplate of the Q3 is hard and narrow, not suitable for Asian face shapes, and it is very uncomfortable. After playing for more than 2 hours, your face can become very sore. However, the silicone faceplate covers available on Taobao only fit over the original faceplate, rather than replacing it. These covers can make the interface area harder and even more uncomfortable. I do not recommend such products. I hope that manufacturers like AMVR will soon release wider faceplates, and I will update my experience when they do.


The built-in speakers of the Q3 have been greatly improved, with better soundstage, positioning, volume, and sound quality compared to the Q2 and QPro. In general, there’s no need to purchase separate headphones. However, because I purchased headphones in advance, I’ll introduce them as well:

SoundPEATS VR P10 Wireless Headphones (Not recommended)
They are quite expensive, and the sound quality is mediocre. The 30ms latency can still be noticeable when playing rhythm games. Not recommended; that’s it. It’s a plus that they can be charged directly through the receiver, although I have some doubts whether this receiver can provide the 18W power required for charging the Q3. In any case, if you have a need for a discreet setup, I recommend using 3.5mm headphones.

Please note that prices and availability of these accessories may vary. Make sure to do your research and choose the options that best suit your needs and budget.