Macbook Pro 16, write a Unboxing

First talk about the efficiency of the United States. I ordered a custom configuration on the domestic official website. It took 4 days to complete the preparation, 6 days to ship, and 8 days to receive … I missed Christmas perfectly.
It even made the girl wonder if I forgot to prepare Christmas gifts.

Then, let’s talk about the configuration.
The girl is a designer, not the kind of designer who can only modify and modify pictures, but has a solid foundation in art.
But the girl is not the kind of serious career, prefers lazy life. Therefore, this time the book, although positioning productivity tools, but the actual use of demand ranking is still:

  1. Daily entertainment (surf the Internet, watch videos, listen to songs, and brush Taobao)
  2. Picture processing, very complicated design work, PSD files over 1GB are also common
  3. Video editing, the frequency is not high, but it may involve more complicated editing
    Hmm … no gaming needs.
    Based on the above requirements, the final selected configuration mainly adjusted a few points:
    CPU, changed the i9 with the highest official website, the lowest 2.4GHz. Many people may think that the difference between 2.3 and 2.4 is not much, and the price difference is more than 1,000. But as far as my own experience is concerned, although the fundamental frequency is not very different, the maximum frequency is not much different. But the core difference between 2.4 and 2.3 may be physical fitness-that is, under the same temperature and power consumption, 2.4 can run at higher frequencies. In terms of the cost of the whole machine and the cost of human time, the efficiency improvement here is greater than the difference of more than 1,000 RMB.
    Memory, added to the 32G, the minimum standard for large-scale retouching and video editing. The demand for 64G is relatively small. When it is really necessary, the desktop has 64G.
    Graphics card, upgraded to 5500M 8G, 4G and 8G is more than 700 dollars, may be the most cost-effective upgrade on the entire book. After all, in actual use, the difference between 8G and 4G memory is still very obvious.
    Hard disk, added to 2TB. In fact, the girl should not be able to use this much, but as far as the implementation of SSD is concerned, the capacity and life of solid state flash memory are basically proportional (although in most cases, the main control is first hung). As far as the girl likes to watch videos online, the pressure on the solid state is still quite high, so I choose a bigger one.
    Everything else comes standard, nothing to say.

Next are some out-of-the-box pictures. Just take a picture of the phone and just look at it.

Then talk about advantages and disadvantages


  1. The speaker is very amazing, no matter the sound quality or volume, it is excellent enough to replace the low-end desktop box
  2. The screen effect is excellent, especially the highest brightness to watch the film, which is very comfortable. But some people say that it is the best screen on a laptop, and I can’t agree with it. At least the new X1 has a better screen.
  3. The texture of the shell is outstanding, and there is no problem with the fingerprint collector. This is good
  4. The keyboard is improved over the butterfly, but it is improved. It’s far from the X1 keyboard feel
  5. Retained headphone jack, praise


  1. The power adapter is very large and only 96W. I think either you make it smaller, I recognize it. Either you make it bigger, I ask for a power consumption to feed the full load. As a result, the power supply is currently unreliable on both sides.
  2. The edges are still a bit cut off, and those in use must be very clear
  3. Mouse support is too poor. It is true that the touchpad is very good, but even the best touchpad can’t work. Fingers can’t stand it. When can Apple support third-party mice well?
  4. Compatibility issues. Although I just want to test the machine, I tried everything, and didn’t install Steam … The method that changed the privacy option also tried
  5. Weight, notebook + power, I estimate it is almost 2.5KG. For the girls, it is not light.


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