Lamborghini Eventador Unboxing

I like games and cars. Men are no simpler hobby. I am very grateful to myself. I can be in the circle in games (20 years ago). I have won the quarterfinals in StarCraft 1. I have also won many times in KOF97. In the Nanjing competition, I defeated the Guangzhou children in the offline competition in 2007. Later, in the ARC national competition, I defeated the Guangzhou children, Liuzhou TT, and lost to Huihui in the final. In the 17th Nanjing competition, I participated as an antique-level senior player, and even entered the semi-finals. I also like to play GT series cars and GT Before I was an initial D3 player, I really liked the game.

And in the car, I have more or less fulfilled my dream of the year. Sometimes some people say that reincarnation is learning. I think it is true. I never say like some people. “I do n’t rely on my parents to rely on myself. “I earned it”, without parents, I am definitely like many people, choosing the BMW 5 Series, complaining that the parking spaces in the community are occupied, using Daniel as wallpaper, making a wish to R8 and saying how long and how long I must buy one, I’m really grateful to have my parents, they have created conditions for me to have money that I can completely control, and I can use this money to realize my dreams when I was young. I really, really, really like Daniel. Moreover, I also like TG very much. When I first came here, I was quite arrogant. I haven’t seen the world. Later I slowly discovered that I really learned a lot when I dived into TG. The classic area, water area, and digital area taught me too much. too much.

After a long night at night, I still really like Daniel. Before, I really couldn’t afford it. It was too expensive. This time it was also a coincidence. I originally started the 458SP well. A friend of mine is the developer here. He never touched the SP and asked me to play with him. As a result, we talked and talked to each other. (Of course I definitely added money.) I also visited his garage. Although it is not awesome, it is also very enviable. There are M46 of E46, S600 of W220, and Subaru, which I ca n’t name. It seems to be Impreza or something. I don’t know what the fit of the thing is, and it is S Maybach, Rambo off-road or something. Envy, the garage is so big.

Let ’s talk about the car. Daniel has been driving for more than ten days. He is so handsome. My previous dream was Daniel, but it ’s too expensive to afford. I ’m finally so close to myself this time without hesitation I won it. In the future, for at least two years, I will not watch sports cars again. Daniel is really handsome. Our generation sees Transformers, who have grown up and really have no resistance to Daniel.

Disadvantages: poor field of vision, two A-pillars are too thick, block the line of sight, nothing can be seen on the right side when turning, it must be slow, and the chassis is low, really low. I have wiped the chassis twice in the past ten days. Where R8, McLaren, 488,458 have all gone, Daniel can’t get through, the front lip is long, the wheelbase is long, and the clearance between the ground and the ground is 10 cm, just 10 cm. There is also bumps. Daniel’s shock is not hard, it is more jumping. Also, Daniel is really too wide.

Talk about the legendary Daniel, it ’s difficult to drive. There is nothing that does not drive a performance car. Daniel uses an automatic transmission. It can vomit. Yes, the field of vision is not good. Turning is right. However, you can solve the problem manually. Part of the setback is not exaggerated. Upshifts above 3,000 rpm, where it is setbacks, and downshifts below 1500 are also very smooth. This is really not a problem for us who are used to picking, and the Daniel controls very well, no It ’s black, with a few horizontal suspensions. The four-wheel drive is as stable as a dog. The body is very smooth, and the steering and braking are very comfortable. It feels a bit like a large R8. There is also exhaust, Lamborghini V12, I do not need to use any words to describe his voice, SP is scum in front of him, let alone 488. Power, I feel more than 700 horsepower, 605 horsepower SP, I feel that driving is much worse than the Daniel, the Daniel 0-300 kilometers of power are all continuous, SP after 200 will be powerless. 0-100 without ejection, the floor oil can be measured in 3.5 seconds. You can measure it on the road, just step on it, and you can no longer drive with a high horsepower like 488,458SP. Steering wheel, floor oil, fix. There is also the biggest advantage. It is too handsome. I may be too subjective, but I have always liked Daniel since 12 years. People in the circle also know that although I have never bought Rambo, I am Daniel iron powder. , I will push Daniel when others change cars.

Finally, let ’s talk about the failure rate of the supercar. The 488 is very good. The gearbox is a lot stronger than the 458. There is nothing wrong with it, probably because of the new car. 458, 11 models cannot be bought, they are all bombs, 13 models have minor faults, but they are not many. The key depends on the condition of the car. You only need to buy the dual-clutch version of R8, open it with almost no faults. The suspension of the electromagnetic suspension will leak, which is generally very good. McLaren, let me tell you about my fault. New car, there is a hidden place, no polishing, left rear wheel suspension failure, chassis lifting failure, key failure, electric door failure (read correctly, McLaren It’s all good), jump the gun for no reason, the camera enters the water. The most important thing is that the engine system reports a fault, and it is repaired for a month. This is McLaren. Then, the after-sale told me, “Your McLaren is the best car in all McLaren.” Indeed, when you enter the McLaren group, your welcome is 130 people in the group. The technicians are at your service. Daniel’s failure rate is not low. It mainly depends on the condition of the car. It also depends on whether the water tank has been replaced. Daniel does not change the water tank in summer.


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