Jaguar XF Sportbrake with elegance

XF Sportbrake 2.0 two-wheel drive Fenghua version (that is, the beggar version, but when it comes to this level of car, it may be said that the configuration of this car is not low, specific official websites have it, not to go into details)
Exterior paint theater red, interior black (can’t remember exactly what is black)

The car was mentioned in early April this year. People are lazy and work hard, so they do n’t have time to take photos.
The experience of buying a car mainly came out in July, so I went to see the car casually in March. The original wife liked Suv, so I tried the F-Pace. Perhaps it was because I hadn’t driven a Jaguar Land Rover before for a while. My wife felt particularly bad in the back row when she was driving a test drive. When I saw this car in the showroom, I fell in love with it immediately and negotiated the price without a test drive. Later, I asked for a relationship to say hello. The final price was acceptable, and I immediately made a deposit.
The cars I have had are the Honda GK5, the Volkswagen Scirocco GTS2.0, and this is the Leopard.
In terms of driving experience, the chassis, suspension comfort, and sense of quality lifted the two cars in front of me, and the zero-speed acceleration of 7.1s is enough to buy food. (Actually, I feel happier when driving the GK5, and the cost of 100 kilometers is low. The big foot hits the throttle, and the response of the self-priming engine is also relatively direct. With Honda’s unique lousy sound insulation, Honda’s pink brain fills the climax when it explodes.)
I have tried some high-speed crossings or turning right on daily commuting routes. At present, I feel more confident than Scirocco. Of course, because of the relationship between the length of the car and the weight of the car, the body is not as compact as the previous two cars.

Because of the standard wheelbase, the longitudinal space in the back row is not as large as the XFL, but it is not too narrow. In April, I drove to the North Sea. The whole crew was fully loaded and pressure-free, and the rear occupants did not say that they were uncomfortable.
Of course, the wagon has to mention the trunk space. The flush interior of the trunk is very satisfying, and the rear seats can be freed up to a flat space of 2 meters in depth. After opening the top sunshade, you can lie down and look through the panoramic sky curtain. What other operations can be done when the stars are free to imagine by the owner.
It comes standard with electric seats, main driving memory, front heating, electric tail, 4/6 rear reclining, and other functions that are quite conscientious. Even the standard unlicensed audio can be considered to be audible, so you don’t want to drive to the Auto Parts City to remove the door panel and change the speaker when you mention the car. Including Jaguar Land Rover’s Incontrol, if you don’t consider location and privacy being exposed to some extent, it is still good to have this standard.
Overall, it is still very satisfying to get this individual wagon for the price of a bare car within 400,000. It is also because I drove this car and changed some of the bad problems that I used to drive. . There are not many station wagons running on Nanning Road, the eighteenth provincial capital city, let alone Jaguar station wagons, so when I went to the license plate, the car management agency asked me to record the new model number and found that this should be the first one in the province Cash car.
If you don’t like to follow the trend, but like to enjoy the unique sense of niche, then this car can give you this feeling.
A rear wheel was changed, but because the tire specifications were not changed, the flatness ratio of the 17-inch original tire was too large to show the sporty feeling of the wheel. I can only see if I change the big hub in the future.


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