Creative SXFI THEATER experience

I bought it in Japan. The headset was bought on 12/27. I arrived last Friday. I feel that the whole time is fast.

After I carefully received it, the workmanship was acceptable, and it was acceptable, mainly because I was curious about the so-called SXFI sound effects. Now it’s been used for 3 days. Send it out of the box.

At present, I feel that SXFI is still a bit interesting. The sound will feel more open, instead of sticking to your ears, it will feel a little strange at first experience, but after a long time, I will feel the sound is more realistic. Use it to play the experience Still pretty good.
In addition to the big darts, I also played LOL, R6, Battlefield 1, Shadow of the Tomb and the new God of War. SXFI I think that turning on this special effect sacrifices the accuracy of sound positioning, so it is not suitable for playing FPS games such as R6; but stand-alone game experiences such as big darts and tombs have improved. As long as the LOL can be turned on or off, but the microphone feels normal, I ended up using my desktop microphone.
I also took a look at the old Star Wars trilogy. The experience is different, but the support of SXFI is not as good as it may be because the movie is older.

I do n’t have much experience with music. I mainly used it as a video game headset, but I got bored and tried ASMR. Well, it ’s an ASMR invalidation headset.

All in all, SXFI is still worth the experience. The innovative pricing is okay. It is about 1600, but it is currently not available in China. So if you add the premium shipping taxes, the price will be different.
Headphone sound quality and analysis are still possible, but SXFI sound effects will sacrifice sound accuracy, so if it is FPS players may still buy gaming headphones is better. Stand-alone players like me can be considered.
By the way, this headset does not support Bluetooth, only 2.4ghz. This is something I didn’t expect. I thought it was Bluetooth dual mode, which was disappointing.

Make up for a feeling of wearing, unexpectedly not bad, I still wear glasses on my head, heavy use did not feel ear pain, it is more comfortable, I feel slightly worse than QC35II. Mainly the earmuffs are sultry, others are okay.

The writing is messy, everyone forgive me, I always write like this, I want to write one …


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