Wearing: From the perspective of wearing experience, soundwear should be very light, and you can feel no pressure or discomfort on your shoulders. It can be said that it is very comfortable to wear.

Delay: The first feeling of wearing soundwear is that the positioning is accurate, the surround sound is strong, and there is almost no delay.-The actual use is compared with the SONY MDR-1ABT that supports LDAC. Maybe the delay is very low. This is very subjective. Must be right.

Contrast: The effect of externally recorded soundwear is completely different from the wearing effect. After all, the shoulder-mounted speaker is received entirely by ears. Assuming a perfect score of 10 points for this comparison, the sound quality experience I want to wear is about 9 points. The feeling of recording outside is only about 3 points or less.

Use scene: People within 2 meters can still clearly hear it, it is not suitable for use in transportation, it can only be used as a scene of running and cycling for exercise, of course, it is more often used at home. Some classmates mentioned that outdoor use is very shameful, which is very much in agreement with the old lady and the feeling of hanging a horn on a bag while listening to Beijing opera.

Disadvantages: There is no 3.5mm interface other than the charging port, only Bluetooth is supported, and the use range is narrow.

Game console expansion: Currently known and innovative BT-W2 ( … -w2-usb-transceiver) perfectly supports Switch (handheld mode connection adapter, TV mode Into the box)

The Creative BT-W2 USB Bluetooth audio matcher purchased at Amazon is in hand. The measured handheld mode is available. You can plug in the type-c to usb adapter of a few dollars bought on Taobao to the type-c interface of the tablet and connect the Bluetooth speaker at home And Sennheiser Bluetooth headsets are fine.
The adapter I bought for a few dollars, the advantage is that the Bluetooth matcher is plugged into the body.

Rating, out of 5 stars
Recommendation ★★★★★; highly recommended, when the Switch Bluetooth accessory can be purchased, the recommendation of this product should be higher. Imagine the feeling of playing games in TV mode, that is, it will not disturb other people too much. I was immersed in it again …

Cost-effective ★;the original price of 2788, resulting in this product is not cost-effective.

Sound quality ★★★★; Compared with the same price, the sound field is significantly wider than that of earphones. The reason for giving four stars is that the bass is seriously insufficient.

This product was launched in October 2017. The same competitors include SONY SRS-WS1, JBL SoundGear, and LG Tone Studio. Of these four products, BOSE SoundWear’s national bank price is the highest (2788 yuan), regardless of the price factor to talk about sound quality, personally think that the sound quality of this Bluetooth speaker does not lose the same price wireless earbuds, headphones or even wired earbuds The premise is that in the case of using a mobile phone as the front end, because the positioning is not feverish, it is not equipped with APTX. It is a pity, but this delay is almost not felt when listening to music.

Applicable music types: ACG, pop, folk, electronic music, hiphop is OK.
Not suitable for music types: classical, pure musical instruments are especially not suitable.

Bluetooth decoder picture:

I. Packaging

The packaging is about the size of a biscuit box, and it is quite large in general.

II.Out of the box

And family portraits

III.Connect: Bose Connect APP to connect this machine

IV. charging: use standard USB-mini interface

Included line, really garbage
When you open this cloth cover, you will see that the charging port is bare.

V.the body diagram of the cloth cover

The cloth cover is made of mesh and leather. The quality is ok, but it is too expensive. It costs about US $ 30.
Take off the outerwear of soundwear, you will see that the value of this product is really high
The interior is all made of silicone, which is skin-friendly. If you do n’t consider the cover, you can wear it directly if you sweat less.
From left to right: Volume-Pause / Play / Receive Call / Siri Outgoing Volume +
BOSE manufacturers never mark the size and parameters of the speakers, so they ca n’t see how big or powerful the speakers are.


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