After waiting for more than three years, the GECCO Sekiro PVC figure has finally arrived.

I pre-ordered this one in June 2020, and it ended up taking over three years, making it the longest wait for anything I’ve ever pre-ordered. On the day of the pre-order, Amazon’s stock price broke through $2500.

The attention to detail is quite impressive. The accessories include two swords – the Unsullied Blade and the Mortal Blade, regular prosthetic hand, Flame Vent prosthetic hand, and Loaded Axe prosthetic hand.

The hands that hold the swords are made of soft rubber material, making it easy to attach the swords. The prosthetic hands are designed with magnets for easy attachment and removal.

Small parts like the scarf and the straps for the prosthetic hands are also made of soft rubber and are quite durable.

In the official pictures, the colors on the base are much more vibrant, but in reality, it looks a bit dull.

GECCO’s character face sculpting has always been somewhat hit or miss, and this one seems to lack a bit of facial shading. I’m considering using colored pencils or something similar to touch it up a bit.

With this figure, the main characters from three games – Dark Souls, Sekiro, and Bloodborne – are finally complete.