Review of INNOCN 15.6-inch OLED Portable Display Q1U

A few days ago, I unexpectedly found JD was offering pre-orders for the INNOCN Q1U, and I managed to purchase it for 4,349 yuan with a coupon. It is the world’s second portable OLED display, with the first being the Asus ProArt 22-inch, priced at 30,000 yuan. The Q1U comes with impressive specifications, including 4K resolution, OLED panel, 1ms response time, 100% P3 factory color calibration, 400 nits brightness, wireless screen mirroring via WiFi, built-in 10,000mAh battery with fast charging support, and 2 USB-C and 1 HDMI ports.

While it lacks HDR support and its brightness is not particularly high (similar to the M1 MacBook Air at 400 nits), I mainly intend to use it as a secondary screen for my M1 Air. Its large size and excellent color reproduction make it a perfect match.

Appearance Analysis:

In this era where looks matter, aesthetics are crucial for any product, and the same applies to portable displays.

The INNOCN Q1U impresses with its exquisite design, not as bulky as previous home monitors. The black panel and gray body make it especially appealing to tech enthusiasts.

The overall craftsmanship is decent, with a five-sided CNC machined aluminum alloy shell and a glossy screen on the front. The addition of WiFi and adhesive padding gives it the appearance of a tablet.

Main Uses:

  1. INNOCN Q1U can be used as a dual-screen setup with laptops or desktops, enhancing productivity and entertainment.
  2. Connect your smartphone to instantly transform it into a 15.6-inch large-screen device (requires hardware support on the phone). Enjoy watching TikTok, reading comics, or playing games on a larger display. It’s time for some large-screen gaming, and both my friends and I were amazed.
  3. Connect a DSLR camera to use the INNOCN Q1U as a 15.6-inch monitor, perfect for indoor photography and videography.
  4. By adding a TV box, the Q1U can serve as a mini TV, allowing you to comfortably watch movies while lying in bed.
  5. Pair it with a screen mirroring device, and the INNOCN Q1U becomes a convenient car-mounted navigation screen for live streaming or watching movies.
  6. Connect gaming consoles like PS4, Xbox, or Switch for gaming convenience. The mobility of the display allows gaming without being bound by a specific environment.
  7. Directly connect your smartphone to the INNOCN Q1U and download a cloud gaming app to instantly transform it into a high-performance gaming console.
  8. As mentioned above, the Q1U offers versatile applications, catering to individual needs and preferences.

With its built-in battery, the Q1U can be used with the Nintendo Switch without requiring external power. It provides one of the best display quality options available for the Switch, with clean and immersive visuals, free from LCD ghosting.

Pre-orders come with a stand, which is usable to some extent. Additionally, it includes a 45W charger, 2 USB-C cables, 1 mini HDMI cable, and a pressure-sensitive pen.

During direct connection to a MacBook Air using a USB-C cable, the Q1U surprisingly supports touch functionality. The true 10-bit display immediately impresses with its visual quality when connected to a MacBook.

Considering the performance it offers, I believe the price of over 4,000 yuan is reasonable. After all, it features an OLED panel, and a similarly equipped gaming laptop with a 4K OLED screen would cost the same.

Moreover, for Apple MacBook users, this is currently the most cost-effective way to experience an OLED screen.