Review of G8 Stretchable Game Controller for Smartphones

I recently purchased the G8 stretchable game controller, and I’d like to share my user experience.

A stretchable game controller is an accessory that transforms a smartphone into a handheld gaming device, providing a smoother and more comfortable gaming experience. While there are many brands and models of stretchable controllers on the market, the quality and user experience can vary. I’ve previously tried the X2, X3, and Feizhi controllers, and overall, the experience was not satisfactory. When I saw the promotional video for the G8, it seemed to address some of the pain points I encountered before, so I decided to give it a try (costing 388 RMB). After using it for some time, I’ve identified several pros and cons of the G8 stretchable game controller:


  1. The design of the directional pad (D-pad) and screenshot button is problematic. Although the D-pad on the G8 has a somewhat stiff feel, the success rate of executing moves is decent. However, there is a particularly foolish design flaw—the screenshot button is positioned very close to the D-pad, almost adjacent. This proximity inevitably leads to accidental screenshots, especially when playing fighting games. Additionally, the screenshot button’s functionality is hardcoded in the firmware, making it non-customizable and impossible to disable. Forum discussions suggest that customer service may not be inclined to address this issue. For players who enjoy fighting games, this significantly impacts the overall gaming experience.


  1. Supports usage with phone cases: One notable advantage of the G8 is its adjustable grip, allowing users to modify the clamping force based on the thickness of their phone cases. This feature eliminates the need to remove the phone case every time, saving time and effort.
  2. Supports charging while playing: Despite occupying the phone’s USB-C port, the bottom of the controller has a pass-through USB-C port for charging the phone. This eliminates concerns about the phone running out of battery during gaming. Moreover, the controller’s USB-C port supports data transfer, enabling a direct connection to a computer for lag-free input.
  3. Adaptation for protruding camera modules: The G8 has a groove in its clamping area, allowing protruding camera modules to fit seamlessly without affecting the balance and stability of the controller.
  4. Grip feels similar to an Xbox One controller: The ergonomic design of the G8’s grip provides a natural and comfortable feel for the fingers. The material of the controller is pleasant, ensuring a non-slip and non-sweaty experience. The sensitivity of the Hall-effect joystick and trigger buttons is excellent, with appropriate responsiveness and travel distance, preventing lag or missed inputs.


The G8 stretchable game controller is suitable for most smartphones, offering the advantages of easy installation, simultaneous charging and playing, compatibility with camera modules, and comfortable grip. However, its design flaw with the D-pad and screenshot button makes it unsuitable for playing fighting games. If you prefer shooting, role-playing, or simulation games and don’t mind the mentioned drawback, the G8 stretchable game controller may be one of the most comfortable options available. However, for those who primarily play fighting games, it is advisable to explore alternative options.