R-Type Odd-shaped Fighter R-90 RAGNAROK

In the recent game “R-Type Final 2,” some model manufacturers have also followed suit by releasing related aircraft models. One of these brands is quesQ, which I haven’t purchased from before. Their first R-Type model was the R-9A ARROW HEAD. Since I had bought this model from other brands before, this time I opted to purchase their second release, the R-90 RAGNAROK, from a Japanese online store. In a nutshell, the price is on the higher side, the packaging is quite simple, but the quality and form are excellent, and the paintwork is intricate. Additionally, the sphere at the front of the aircraft is made of solid semi-transparent material, coated with matte finish, giving it a high-quality texture. In contrast, models from other brands often had a hollow transparent shell for that sphere, making it look rather cheap. The stand complements the display well, and I’m considering getting the R-9A ARROW HEAD model as well.