Low-Cost Approach to Obtaining and Experiencing the Magnetic Stand for ASUS Portable Monitor

After using it for a few months, I am very satisfied with this portable screen, especially the included magnetic stand, which makes me recommend it to all friends who want to experience a magnetic stand.

I previously purchased a portable screen for a few hundred yuan, which used the display panel of the Lenovo Legion laptop. It’s compatible with devices like Mac, PC, and Switch. Compared to the small $274 screen I bought earlier, this portable screen even provides perfect 16:9 aspect ratio support when using the Switch, making it much better than products from the Huaqiangbei electronics market.

The seller included a VESA 75×75 stand, but it required screwing on and off every time, which was not very convenient. So, I had a brilliant idea and thought of Asus’s tripod stand, which is very convenient. Thus, I decided to DIY a magnetic stand.

Of course, if your portable screen didn’t come with a tripod stand, you can buy one on Taobao for less than $5.

After searching on Taobao, I found a standard 1/4-inch screw thread magnetic base, priced at 60 yuan. After installation, it perfectly matched the portable screen without needing screws. You just need to place it gently, and it clicks into place with a solid hold, no matter how much you shake it.

Then, I attached the right fit.

I took out some unused magnetic strips from home and stuck two pieces together. The magnetic force was just right. One piece wasn’t enough, and even the magnetic ring that came with the magnetic base didn’t provide enough force.

Now, all you need to do is gently place it on the tripod stand, and it clicks into place.

It’s very secure, and no matter how much you shake it, it won’t fall off.

The back might not look as sleek, but it doesn’t matter since no one sees the back of the monitor anyway. The front view is what matters.

This way, you can easily attach it to create a workstation or take it off and carry it, very convenient. This setup looks very professional.

One more thing, even with the magnetic strips attached to the back, you can still use a VESA 75×75 stand. You can mount it on an articulated monitor arm stand.

The total cost is less than $15, and you can perfectly experience the Asus magnetic stand feeling. It’s really great.