Impressions of Owning the IM LS7

Recently, I had the opportunity to drive the IM LS7 for nearly 6000 kilometers, and today I will provide a detailed review of its various features and pros and cons. As a rear-wheel-drive version with a battery capacity of 100 kWh, the IM LS7 left a deep impression on me.

First, let’s talk about its strengths. The driving performance is excellent. It doesn’t feel like driving such a large vehicle at all. The handling is stable and agile, and the stability during turns gives me a reassuring feeling. Additionally, the sound insulation is remarkably good. The interior noise is well-controlled, and even during high-speed driving, it maintains a relatively quiet driving environment. As for the audiovisual system, although it’s not from a well-known brand, its performance is very good. The sound quality is excellent, and its stability is reliable. I didn’t encounter any issues like freezing during my usage. The operation of the infotainment system is relatively straightforward, and its stability is satisfactory, providing an overall pleasing user experience. As for the intelligent assistance features, I haven’t compared it with other electric cars, but in practical use, its performance is sufficient for daily needs.

Moving on to the interior, I personally find the interior design quite appealing. Although some might label it as budget-oriented, I think it excels in detail handling and comfort. While there might be some gap compared to luxury models, overall, the interior quality of the IM LS7 satisfies me.

However, there are also some drawbacks that need to be mentioned. The most significant one is the lack of physical buttons. Although all functions can be achieved through voice commands, and the recognition is decent, it’s still not as convenient for me. Particularly, the control buttons for the windows, I often press them incorrectly. Moreover, the vehicle has a large glass area, which is affected significantly by direct sunlight in the summer, especially the side windows. I have experienced situations where my arm gets sunburned. While tinting can alleviate this issue, I haven’t done it out of laziness. Additionally, some complaints about the range, I personally find it acceptable. When fully charged, driving about 500 kilometers in urban areas is definitely not an issue. I’ve cruised at 110 km/h in intelligent driving mode on the highway for 350 kilometers while driving about 80 kilometers in the city, with air conditioning on and two people in the car. The battery level only decreased by around 60%. I believe this range performance is acceptable.

Furthermore, I should mention that the range performance of the IM LS7 does fluctuate when not fully charged. I’m not sure about the specific reason, but in my multiple attempts, I did find significant differences in the range achieved.

In summary, the IM LS7 is an enjoyable electric car with excellent handling. Its eye-catching exterior design, comfortable interior, and attention to detail are commendable. The stability of the infotainment system and the supported intelligent assistance features also leave me satisfied. However, some drawbacks such as the lack of physical buttons and the issue of sun exposure in the summer need improvement. The range performance under normal use is acceptable, but there are fluctuations when not fully charged.

To conclude, the IM LS7 is a satisfying electric car choice, offering excellent handling and a comfortable driving experience. Whether for daily commuting or long-distance travel, it can provide a pleasurable driving experience.