IM LS7: Luckily, I didn’t listen to you

Hello everyone, today I want to share an exciting car buying experience with you – the delivery journey of the IM LS7. In this era of constant change and innovation, our way of getting around is also evolving, and the IM LS7, as a futuristic electric car, has opened up a whole new way of driving and experiencing for us.

First, I want to talk about the price. During the car buying process, the dealer offered me some discounts, although it didn’t reach the extremely low prices advertised online. However, through communication with the dealer, I was able to successfully negotiate a certain price discount. After all, the cars produced in July and delivered at the end of July brought more anticipation. In today’s market, not only the IM LS7, but also brands like Tesla and X-Krypton have been reducing prices. There isn’t much difference between official price reductions and negotiations with dealers. The key is whether we can find the right price and configuration for ourselves.

In the process of buying the car, I fully respected my own needs and requirements for the vehicle. The IM LS7 met my multiple expectations for a vehicle with its unique design and features. The light-colored interior brings a futuristic feel, while the retractable screen, large sunroof, and spacious seats add to the joy and comfort of driving. Air suspension, high-quality shock absorbers, a powerful braking system, and the presence of the brand’s calipers increased my expectations for the car’s performance. As for the size of the vehicle, I also had specific requirements: it should be able to fit into a standard parking space, ensuring convenience in urban parking.

In the purchase of an electric car, a significant concern is charging. The electric charging station that comes with the IM LS7 solved my worries about charging. Although I had heard about the limitations of home charging before, in actual use, I found the convenience of external fast charging stations to be undeniable. During outings, lunch breaks at work, a short charging session is all it takes to continue my journey hassle-free.

For family use, the IM LS7 is a magical tool for taking kids to extracurricular classes. With its powerful battery life, I can enjoy air conditioning comfort in the car for up to an hour and a half, consuming only 2 kWh of electricity. This is unimaginable for a gasoline car. Moreover, during long-distance driving on highways, the IM LS7’s low energy consumption and high range provide us with more choices, eliminating the need for frequent refueling.

In summary, the IM LS7 is not just an electric car but also a breakthrough in the future of transportation. It brings us a whole new driving experience and convenience, meeting our multiple travel needs. Although there may be some minor issues during use, overall, the IM LS7 has created a passionate driving journey for us with its powerful performance and advanced features. Whether it’s exterior design, interior comfort, or technological features, the IM LS7 lives up to expectations and has become my reliable partner for the future.