I bought a niche earphone, the iFLYBUDS Nano from iFLYTEK, which is suitable for iPhone call recording.

Now that I work for a private company, recording is often a necessity for work, and efficient meeting records and communication are key in my work. Accurate meeting records can enhance work efficiency. When discussing with colleagues, it’s necessary to record to leave a trace, and when reporting to the boss, recording is needed for reference and summary. The appearance of iFLYTEK iFLYBUDS Nano+ earphones has made all of this more convenient and intelligent.

These earphones bring together excellent recording capabilities, advanced noise reduction technology, and outstanding audio performance, creating an indispensable office tool for business professionals.

My wife has had several collaborations with the iFLYTEK team before. I have been using iFLYTEK’s recording pen and iFLYTEK mouse that others gave.

iFLYTEK’s recording pen is practical, and the results are good. After all, it’s one of the top voice recognition companies in China. The text conversion effect of meeting recordings can be said to be the best among Chinese manufacturers.

However, recording iPhone calls and WeChat calls has been an issue. So, this time I purchased the iFLYTEK iFLYBUDS Nano.

Previously, I got these items for free, but the price of this item is not high or low. Using an employee discount doesn’t save much money, and asking someone to buy it for me is also burdensome. So, I compared prices from various channels and bought it for $115 on the second-hand market, brand new.

Currently, whether it’s a voice call with colleagues or WeChat communication, all I need to do is a simple long press on the earphones to start recording. Most importantly, the earphones will automatically convert the recording content into text, making meeting records very easy. The earphones also support recognition of multiple languages and dialects, ensuring transcription accuracy.

In addition, these earphones have strong noise reduction capabilities. They claim to have a deep noise reduction effect of up to 45dB, ensuring clear calls in noisy environments. Adaptive active noise reduction technology supports multiple noise reduction modes, including environmental noise reduction, transparent mode, and noise cancellation. In addition, its three-microphone noise reduction algorithm ensures a high-quality calling experience in complex environments.

As earphones, the audio quality is also good. iFLYBUDS Nano+ is equipped with a 10mm ultra-large vibration unit. Users can adjust the sound effects and equalizer according to their preferences, customizing a personalized audio experience. Surprisingly, as earphones targeting business users, it also has a game mode, reducing audio latency, allowing gamers to have a better experience.

In terms of battery life and design, iFLYBUDS Nano+ adopts a sliding cover design, reflecting modernity and a high-quality feel. The low-profile design of the sensing area makes operation more convenient. The earphones support multiple device connections and have excellent battery life. When used individually, the earphones can last for 12 hours, and with the charging case, the battery life can reach up to 40 hours, meeting the needs of long-term use.

After using it for two weeks, I summarized a few pros and cons:

Let’s start with the cons:

After recording with the earplugs, they need to be transferred to the phone before voice recognition can take place. This transmission process is not particularly stable and can be slow at times, requiring cancellation and retrying, which can be frustrating.
The quality of text translation is slightly worse compared to the recording pen (subjective judgment). The recording pen is transmitted to the phone/iPad and then to the server for text recognition, and it can also preset some high-frequency words; the recording headphones seem to lack this step of uploading to the server.
Although it’s called “Nano,” the earphone case is still larger than AirPods by a considerable margin.
The precision needs improvement. When shaking the earphone case forcefully, you can clearly hear rattling sounds. In other words, the tightness between the earplugs and the earphone case is not sufficient.

Now, let’s talk about the pros:

After putting on the earphones, a simple long press can start recording for both voice calls and WeChat calls. It can be said that this is the best solution for recording under iPhone system restrictions.
When facing face-to-face meetings, you can simply push open the earphone case, and you can start recording with just a tap on your phone, replacing the function of a recording pen.
If it’s just the first point, there are many small brands in Huaqiangbei that are doing it. However, adding text recognition makes iFLYTEK unique. This additional function is quite nice.
The current voice recognition models include meeting summary functions, which convert conversations and meeting content into Chinese and summarize key points. Although there is still a big gap from the level of business, it still saves a lot of effort.
Surprisingly, the sound quality and noise reduction effect are quite satisfying. After AirPods came out, I basically didn’t buy other brands of Bluetooth earphones. I didn’t expect the sound quality and noise reduction level to be quite good. This should not be attributed to iFLYTEK’s capabilities but rather to the solution provided by domestic manufacturers, which shows that domestic manufacturers have made significant progress over the years.