Finding Some Fun for Myself~~ Got the Xiaomi Mix Fold 3 Moonlight Edition with 16+512GB

I’ve been following the foldable screen trend for a while now but never delved too deep into it.

When the Mix Fold 2 came out, I did take a closer look. It was slim, had a clean design, and looked good.

But upon further investigation, I felt that the specs were a bit lacking. No front-facing camera and the rear camera was a bit of an afterthought.

As a practical person, I couldn’t justify the cost of something with such low value. So, I continued working hard.

In between my work, I would occasionally reflect on life. Now that I have a wife and kids, we occasionally go on short trips together, but long journeys are rare. I used to have a blast playing Xbox 360 back in the day, but in recent years, I bought a PS5 for my kids, and I realized I’m not as interested in playing anymore. I haven’t even played more than a couple of seasons of NBA 2K, a game I used to dominate. I used to have five or six positions, each with five or six seasons played. Now, every time I turn on the console, my kids want me to play two-player mode with them. I initially thought it was fun, and the interaction was great, but after a while, it got old. This little one has been playing it for a whole year! I can’t keep up anymore, maybe I’m just getting old.

To get my wife and kids to be more active, I got a Nintendo Switch and a fitness ring. Now, I’ve noticed that I’m the one using it the most. I have to lose some weight, so they don’t look down on me, and I have to maintain my dignity while working hard.

I need to find some fun for myself, I can’t just work all the time. I need to look at the blue sky and think about a brighter tomorrow (that’s what bosses usually say).

I even considered getting a new car, but given the current situation, it’s better to keep it small.

Still, the most frequently used item is my smartphone. My wife’s iPhone is used more interactively than mine, and I’m not that into Apple.

I’m tired of the straight-edged smartphone design, so I thought I’d try a foldable screen~~

Let’s check out the market first~~

Samsung’s main issue is its operating system… pass. Also, I saw the issues with the fold on social media… too scary (though now it seems it might have been due to screen protectors, right?).

I’m not a part of the Huawei ecosystem… pass.

Oppo and Vivo, they seem alright, but also not quite… pass.

Back to Xiaomi, I guess I’m held captive by their operating system.

I upgraded to the rear camera, even though I don’t have a big need for it. But I have to be an amateur photographer for my wife and kids, so I needed a front-facing camera. No more video calls in strange positions.

I’m a bit worried about the chip heating up, but I don’t really play games on my phone, so I can overlook that. I hope the fold and any creaking sounds don’t affect usage too much.

After comparing shopping platforms, I ultimately chose It comes with a one-year unlimited screen insurance and a two-year battery replacement for around 300 RMB, which is not bad.

The initial batch seemed quite large, after all, it’s expensive, and it didn’t get sold out instantly. But the Dragon Scale version was indeed unavailable, so I had to consider the March edition instead.

I still hesitated and didn’t place an order! But then I thought, I need to find some fun for myself!!

Finally, on Friday, I got the 16+1TB March Edition.

I was a bit excited\@/

But by the evening, my excitement turned into anxiety.

No shipping update, no shipping update, no shipping update!

I kept checking the logistics until the early hours, and it was still showing “preparation in progress.” I was getting really frustrated.

Early in the morning, people in a distant travel group had to leave for a scenic spot, so I woke up early too. Before 5 AM, I checked the logistics again, and it was still the same. I was frustrated.

But while browsing some other products out of boredom, I noticed that the 16+512GB version of the March Edition could be delivered on the same day if ordered before 9 PM. I thought for 3 minutes and then decisively placed an order for that one. Even though there’s a chance it might be a returned unit or something, it’s the top-tier version. It seems it won’t ship until the 26th. After all, there’s a 7-day no-reason return policy. I’m done worrying!

Waiting is boring, so I got some lens films and side films and other small accessories. Finally, at 8:15 PM, I got the machine in my hands~~~

The packaging is nothing special, but it’s decent and has a slightly premium feel. The unfolded machine feels slim when held, and the fold is shallower, but it’s still noticeable. It’s heavier than a flat-screen phone, but it’s not going to give you a wrist workout~~

The boot-up was quite impressive, the large screen is indeed enjoyable,There don’t seem to be any obvious flaws, the black and white screens are normal, and there are no strange noises when folding, but you still need a little force to control the unfold. To reduce the fold mark… I plan to lay it flat most of the time

I’ve only used it for a short time, so here are a few initial impressions:

Using the unfolded screen while lying down is not comfortable. It’s not as enjoyable as a flat screen, and it’s big and a bit heavy. You need to use both hands.

Unlocking doesn’t directly take you to the desktop; you have to swipe up. Did I not set it up correctly? Anyway, I’ve set up face recognition and lifting to wake the screen.

Opening apps: It does look wider, everything looks a bit chubby, and it’s quite funny.

Split-screen: Not very convenient, you can’t do it freely, I need to figure out how to use it properly.

In conclusion, the Xiaomi Mix Fold 3 is an impressive flagship phone that combines innovative features, performance, and photography. From the Dragon Scale hinge to the Xiaomi Dragon Scale fiber material, from the Leica optical full-focus quad-camera to the dual Xiaomi surge batteries and three Xiaomi surge chips, the Mix Fold 3 offers top-of-the-line features in several aspects.


The Mix Fold 3’s Dragon Scale hinge and Xiaomi Dragon Scale fiber material provide an excellent folding experience and a luxurious feel. When unfolded, it has dimensions of 161.2mm x 143.28mm, and the internal screen reaches 8.03 inches with a 2K+ ultra-vision display. This not only allows the phone to easily transform into a tablet but also offers greater convenience for use.


The Mix Fold 3 is equipped with the second-generation Snapdragon 8 Leading Edition processor, with a CPU clock speed of up to 3.36GHz and an Adreno™ GPU graphics processor, making it perform exceptionally

well when running high-performance applications and games. The inclusion of 12GB/16GB LPDDR5X high-speed memory and 256GB/512GB/1TB UFS 4.0 high-speed storage further enhances its performance.

Screen Display:

The Mix Fold 3’s display is striking. The 6.56-inch 21:9 standard ratio external screen, as well as the 8.03-inch 2K+ ultra-vision internal screen, both use high-quality flexible AMOLED or Pol-less Plus technology, providing vivid colors and smooth display effects. Both the external and internal screens excel in terms of contrast, HDR10+, and Dolby Vision.


One of the highlights of the Mix Fold 3 is its Leica optical full-focus quad-camera system, featuring a 50MP Leica main camera, a 10MP Leica telephoto lens, a 10MP Leica periscope telephoto lens, and a 12MP Leica ultra-wide-angle lens. This combination offers users a diverse range of photography experiences. The Leica main camera, in particular, is equipped with an f/1.77 large aperture, OIS optical image stabilization, and PD autofocus, delivering outstanding shooting results.

Battery Life and Charging:

The Mix Fold 3 also performs excellently in terms of battery life. Dual Xiaomi surge batteries provide long-lasting endurance, and the 67W Xiaomi surge wired fast charging and 50W Xiaomi surge wireless fast charging technologies significantly improve charging speed.


The larger screen is undeniably more comfortable for gaming than a regular smartphone. It can also be folded, providing a general screen and a control parameter screen, much like the NDS game console from the past, offering more playability.

In summary, the Xiaomi Mix Fold 3 is a flagship phone that combines innovation, performance, and photography. Its Dragon Scale hinge, Leica optical photography, and powerful performance make it a creative and entertaining companion for users. Whether in tablet mode or folded phone mode, the Mix Fold 3 can meet various needs, making it an irresistible masterpiece.