Cyberpunk 2077: Some Interesting (and Practical) Easter Eggs from the Past

I just finished one ending and planned to complete some side quests before exploring the other endings. The quality of the 2.0 update and the story DLC is outstanding, making it a strong contender for the Best RPG nomination.

The overall city design, environmental complexity, and variety of game types in Night City have all improved significantly. Plus, they’ve hidden quite a few interesting Easter eggs within the game. Combining some references from YouTube, I’ve discovered several that are particularly intriguing.

John Wick Easter Egg: In the corner of the gun store in Dogtown’s sports arena, you’ll find a gun case on the ground. If you approach it, Johnny will pop out and exclaim “F***!” It’s a funny little Easter egg.

Trauma Team Arcade Game: This Easter egg might have been added in the 2.0 update or earlier (1.6). It’s similar to the “Blasto” arcade game with Rogue, but this one is about the Trauma Team. It’s a Contra-style game, and it’s a bit challenging.

After reaching the top of the leaderboard, you’ll receive a message from “Megahard,” which is quite amusing. The message invites you to apply for an internship with the Trauma Team, leading to a new questline. You’ll need to find a computer with Trauma Team access, which initially directs you to V’s apartment computer, although the relevant page isn’t there. You’ll need to find another one, likely not far away. After joining, you’ll receive a prompt to claim your prize, and then you can head to the Trauma Team building to receive your rewards.

The reward includes a Trauma Team outfit and an apartment decoration (seems it can only be placed in H10 apartments). You can interact with it, and an airship will fly around the apartment and return to its original position, making it a fun little prop.

Mysterious Code and DOOM-Style Game: This Easter egg is a bit complex and hasn’t been fully solved yet. Under the skyscrapers in City Center, there’s a statue with a mysterious code at its base, FF:06:B5. This code appears to point to a symbol, which also appears in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. The mystery leads to a unique arcade machine in a house in a southern farm.

The game is styled after DOOM and is quite challenging, involving puzzles and password inputs. After a series of steps and defeating the game, you’ll trigger a mission that takes you near a landfill. There, you’ll find a worn-out mattress, and after standing on it at around 4:00 AM, you’ll experience a Relic malfunction sequence, with V losing consciousness. V will have a dream featuring the code FF:06:B5 and various cryptic symbols. Upon waking up, you’ll receive a special vehicle called “Artisan of Dreams.” It’s an enormous four-wheeler, larger than typical trucks.

I tried going directly to the mattress location, and it’s possible to trigger the sequence and get the vehicle without dreaming about the code. Still, it’s a free vehicle and worth acquiring. The exact location is shown in the image below.

Ken Block Easter Egg: Another notable Easter egg is related to Ken Block, which includes a free vehicle armed with weapons. It’s worth grabbing. The specific location can be found here:

These are some of the more practical and interesting Easter eggs I’ve come across in the game. Enjoy your adventures in Night City!