BYD’s New MPV Spy Shots Revealed: Possibly Tang MAX, Expected to Debut in the Third Quarter of This Year

Recently, we obtained a set of the latest spy shots of the BYD Dynasty series MPV models from online sources, suspected to be the Tang MAX. Based on the inferred body dimensions from the images, this vehicle is likely positioned as a mid-to-large-sized MPV. According to previous information, this all-new MPV model is expected to debut in the third or fourth quarter of 2024.

Judging from the spy shots, the new MPV is still heavily camouflaged, revealing only a rough outline. The front design appears full, with the length of the front part resembling the proportions of the Tang D9. The lighting assembly does not feature production-ready components, and upon closer inspection, it seems that this test vehicle is primarily used for testing and validation of certain functions.

On the side of the vehicle, the new MPV has a relatively boxy body shape, with a straight waistline throughout. The rear doors still adopt the sliding door opening method. Additionally, the vehicle is equipped with wheel rims featuring a dense spoke design, with the BYD Tang logo in the center, leading to the inference that this is the Tang MAX.

Regarding the rear of the vehicle, the overall design of the new MPV is still heavily camouflaged, and the tail light assembly is also a test component. There is likely to be significant differences from the final production model.

Currently, details about the powertrain of this new MPV have not been exposed. However, considering the powertrain system of the Tang D9, it is likely that this vehicle will offer consumers a choice between plug-in hybrid and pure electric power options. We will continue to follow up on more information about this vehicle.