BYD Yangwang U7 with Over 1000 Horsepower, Positioned as a Million-Class Flagship Sedan

Recently, the official images of the U7 (pictured) were officially released. The car adopts the family-oriented design language of the “Time Gateway” and is equipped with the YiSiFang technology, with a maximum power exceeding 1000 horsepower. As the third model of the U7 brand, the car was previously named “U6” and features an intelligent aerodynamics development system, along with optimized designs for various start-up accessories, resulting in a drag coefficient of only 0.195.

In terms of appearance, the U7 adopts a four-door coupe design, with headlight contours similar to the U9, and the front bumper will also be equipped with a through-type heat dissipation port. The front hood has two raised lines, enhancing the vehicle’s sense of movement. The roof is equipped with a laser radar, expected to support advanced driver assistance functions in the future.

On the side of the car, the U7 is equipped with hidden door handles, and decorative pieces that enhance the vehicle’s sportiness will be added to the front fenders. Additionally, the car adopts a new five-star style wheel rim with a strong design sense. The car features a dual-color body design, with black paint on the A and B pillars, presenting a floating visual effect. Decorative pieces at the front fenders extend to the front doors, with light-colored strips added to the window frames and exterior mirrors.

The rear of the U7’s design also references the U9, featuring a radiating light strip that corresponds to the headlights and a sporty design for the rear bumper. According to previous reports, the U7’s body length may reach 5.2 meters, a width of 2 meters, and a wheelbase of around 3 meters. At the same time, it adopts an intelligent aerodynamics development system for the first time and applies multiple aerodynamic accessory optimization designs, resulting in a drag coefficient of only 0.195.

The specific power data for the U7 has not been disclosed at present, but the official statement indicates that the car will be equipped with the “YiSiFang” four-motor drive system, with a maximum power exceeding 1000 horsepower. Considering the Y9 is a pure electric model, it is speculated that the U7 will also adopt a pure electric drive system.