Brief New Car Experience: WEY Latte DHT-PHEV

First, some context: My wife’s workplace relocated to an industrial area, which meant a one-way commute of 50 kilometers. The lengthy subway commute prompted us to consider buying a car for her.

As this would be our second car, and considering the daily commute distance, our initial preference was for a compact electric car. The SMART ForTwo Electric Drive was our first choice, but concerns about its winter range in the northeastern region and its rear-wheel-drive setup made us hesitate when placing an order. Moreover, the uncertainty of the delivery date added to the dilemma. We had to explore other options.

At this point, the idea of a hybrid or extended-range vehicle came to mind. Looking for an SUV with a range of over 100 kilometers, we considered the WEY Latte, the Xpeng P7, and the BYD Song.

I shared this list with my wife and we ruled out the Xpeng due to her disapproval of Huawei. We visited a few dealerships and, even before test-driving, decided against the BYD Song due to its unattractive appearance, poor interior, and strong odor. If only car shopping were always this simple. My test drive had no issues, and after reading various reviews, I made the purchase. The car was delivered in 15 days, costing around 250,000 CNY, and we were generally satisfied with the purchase.

Charging and range are quite practical. The claimed range is 184 kilometers. After fully charging and primarily driving on city expressways, I covered 175 kilometers with 6 kilometers of range left. However, the engine started assisting, and I doubt I would’ve reached those last 6 kilometers. You wouldn’t notice the engine’s intervention without observing the energy flow.
The full-tank range is indicated as 725 kilometers. The 1.5-liter engine can take 92# gasoline, which is practical. I haven’t measured the electric consumption on fuel yet.
We’re satisfied with the interior and space. Compared to our previous car, the interior of a WEY Latte is like a 150,000 CNY car, while the speaker system is better than the Bose system in my previous car. It has good analytical capability, whereas the sound in my previous car felt muddled.
The car is well-equipped, and even 250,000 CNY cars come with heated steering wheels nowadays.
In terms of handling, maybe due to being an SUV, it can’t match my previous Mazda and my current Buick Regal GS. It feels similar to driving my dad’s SUV. Changing lanes, I feel a bit of swaying, and combined with the soft suspension and seats, it made me feel slightly dizzy. It took me two days to adjust.
I used to drive a Lexus ES, and its regenerative braking felt poor, with loose braking at the beginning and sudden braking with more pressure. However, the WEY Latte’s regenerative braking is good, without any discomfort.
The infotainment system is decent. Although much better than my Buick, there’s nothing particularly noteworthy. QQ Music integration is poor, and all the expected functions are present; nothing novel. The 8155 chip’s advantage is unclear, and the app store has little to offer.
Charging takes 12 hours for a full charge on slow charging. I haven’t tried fast charging, but according to online tests, it takes about an hour. It works well for personal use. Also, for non-EV owners, be cautious if you don’t have a charging station at home. Household sockets need to be grounded; otherwise, you won’t be able to charge. It’s said that an “earth connection device” can resolve this issue, as safety remains a concern.
Minor flaws: The trunk is a bit small, and the lights are weak, especially at night. The streaming rearview mirror is something I’m not used to, especially during the day when it reflects light, making it hard to focus on the mirror, which is uncomfortable.

Overall, I’d rate it around 95 out of 100.