Ayaneo KUN Review: A High-Performance Large-Screen Handheld Console

Ayaneo is an emerging handheld gaming console brand that has consistently released high-quality products, allowing players to enjoy PC-level gaming experiences anytime, anywhere.

The Ayaneo KUN is the brand’s latest masterpiece, featuring top-tier hardware configurations such as Hall effect joysticks and triggers, up to 54W TDP, touchpads, and more. As the most expensive handheld gaming console in the brand’s lineup, is it worth the price?


CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 7840U
GPU: AMD Radeon 780M
Memory: 64GB
Storage: 4TB NVMe SSD
Screen: 8.4-inch 1600P IPS high-brightness display


The Ayaneo KUN is the largest handheld gaming console I have used, featuring a distinctive design that resembles a combination of Ayaneo 2 and Steam Deck.

Its 8.4-inch IPS panel has a resolution of 1600p and a refresh rate of 60hz, offering a very clear and delicate image, which is a highlight of this handheld console. Its joysticks are staggered, with a D-pad on the left and ABXY buttons on the right. It would be better if it supported VRR technology, but this feature might be implemented in the company’s next-generation handheld, the Ayaneo Flip.

Ayaneo added a touchpad to the KUN, which is very convenient when using Windows 11, as it is more suitable for operation than a touchscreen or joystick. Its response speed is fast, making it easier to play games that require a mouse.

The Ayaneo KUN also has a front-facing camera located next to the left joystick. It can be used for standard PC webcam functions like video chatting or taking photos, but its image quality is not very high. However, it supports Windows Hello, allowing you to unlock the device with facial recognition, a very practical feature.

The top has a fingerprint sensor combined with a power button, next to a USB-C port and a USB-A port, as well as the outlet of KUN’s cooling system. KUN has traditional triggers and shoulder buttons.

Its joysticks and triggers use Hall effect sensors, which are controlled by magnetism and are not as prone to wear and tear or damage as mechanical ones.

Ayaneo also added two programmable LC and RC buttons on the top, which can be used to quickly execute some Windows functions. The default settings are to open the on-screen keyboard and return to the desktop. It’s a bit inconvenient to reach them, requiring a shift in hand position, but they are still useful, especially when installing games.

The bottom of the Ayaneo KUN has a USB-C port and a 3.5mm headphone jack. The back has four programmable buttons and a stand, allowing you to place the handheld on a table. Below the stand is a MicroSD card slot for storage expansion.

To provide better battery life, Ayaneo included a 19,500mAh battery in the KUN, but this also increased its size and weight.

The handheld weighs 950 grams, about 300 grams heavier than the Steam Deck and ASUS ROG Ally. This difference might seem small, but it becomes noticeable after extended play.

Despite its weight, the KUN is quite comfortable. The grips on both sides allow for a good hold, and the buttons are easy to press.


The Ayaneo KUN comes with AyaSpace 2, a UI customized for handheld gaming consoles, which automatically starts up when you turn it on. It displays a list of installed games and some settings options.

You can customize button mappings, adjust the touchpad, set different power modes, etc., through AyaSpace 2.

It also has a custom preset feature that allows you to set different FPS and TDP limits for different games, balancing performance and battery life. The AyaSpace 2 interface is intuitive and easy to use.

AyaSpace 2 also has an overlay feature that pops up when you hold down the Aya button in the bottom right corner. This pop-up interface is convenient because it allows you to adjust your power settings without exiting the game.

AyaSpace 2’s game launcher is nice, but its game management could be improved. If you want to add games or apps that aren’t from Steam, Epic, or Xbox, you’ll find it cumbersome and can only open them in the full Windows 11 interface.


The Ayaneo KUN is equipped with an AMD Ryzen 7 7840U processor, the most popular chip for handheld consoles, capable of running almost any game you want to play.

Most AAA games released in the past three years can run smoothly with medium graphics settings.

For example, Ayaneo KUN runs “Forza Horizon 5” at 1600p resolution and medium quality, averaging around 60 FPS without any stuttering or frame drops.

The advantage of Ayaneo KUN is that it can increase TDP to 54W, bringing significant performance improvements. However, this also reduces battery life, so it is best used with an external power source.

Battery Life and Fan Noise

When playing high-performance games on the Ayaneo KUN, the battery lasts about two and a half hours. If you lower the TDP a bit and play older, indie, or retro games, the battery life can reach four to four and a half hours, which is much better than its competitors like the ROG Ally or older Ayaneo devices.

After three hours of playing “Cocoon,” the fan was very quiet and did not make any noise.


The Ayaneo KUN is a high-end handheld gaming console with powerful performance, an excellent screen, rich features, and good battery life. Its design is also distinctive, combining the styles of Ayaneo 2 and Steam Deck. Its drawbacks are its weight and high price. If you are a player with high demands for handheld consoles and don’t mind spending money, then the Ayaneo KUN is a choice worth considering. If you want a lighter, cheaper handheld console with slightly less performance, then you can look at the Steam Deck or ROG Ally.